posted Jan 23, 2017, 7:14 AM by Debbie Findlay

In the event of a snow day during exams when yellow school bus transportation to the school is cancelled the exam missed will be written the next day. Exams are simply bumped one day.

For example, January 2017 exams take place between Tuesday to Friday and if a snow day occurs on Tuesday (period 1 exam) and yellow school bus transportation is cancelled - the period 1 exam will be now be written on Wednesday when transportation resumes. PD days will not be cancelled and will still take place as usual on whatever day it was scheduled. The January 2017 PD day is scheduled forJanuary 30. If Tuesday is a snow day (January 24) the period 4 exam will now take place on January 31 (all exams bumped one day) and the first day of semester two will begin on February 1.